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A Boulder of Doubt in Your Eye to the Future.

A Boulder of Doubt in Your Eye to the Future.


by: Rev. Marla Riegel 

Many entrepreneurs are going into the second quarter of the year wondering "What do I do next?"  There is certainly confusion and uncertainty.  In a recent Denver Chamber event, Mark Snead, Federal Reserve Economist said technically the recession is over and we're starting into recovery.  Yet many business owners remain nervous about the transition.

One thing's for certain, in this new economy, if you try to make decisions strictly based on what worked in the past, you'll find yourself going around in circles.  As with being lost in the forest, you'll start seeing familiar landmarks like "We've always done it this way"  Or "We'd better not take any action till we know for certain what is going to happen."

When I coach clients facing that dilemma, I know it 's time  for them to reclaim their vision , or to create a new one.  I define a  vision as an internal, agreed upon, and articulated statement of the highest purpose for the organization.  A focused vision and purpose can ignite the fires of creativity, determination and passion that get you jumping out of bed in the morning, excited about your day!    A vision also gives you a clear direction forward and you can line up your goals and objectives to reach that vision.

The important thing about a vision is the essence of what you want to create, such as being the leading manufacturer of quality,  the first organization to invent a new technology or make a difference in the world through your products or services.  A vision isn't tied to a specific outcome, because that is usually too limiting and  tied to what used to be rather than the full potential of what your organization could become.

There is amazing power in focusing on the vision instead of just the numbers.  No one wants their tombstone to read, "Achieved 25% profitability".  A vision is your legacy for the future.

There were many examples of the magic of a vision in the recent Winter Olympics.  When interviewed, may of the Gold Medal winners said they had pictured themselves as Olympic athletes, standing on the podium with their county's anthem playing.  That vision carried them through years of grueling practice, overcoming injuries and disappointments.  Nothing external would have given them the strength and courage to prevail. It all had to come from within themselves and their commitment to their vision.

So what if you're thinking right now, how do I know what my vision really is?  The Inspired Business Center utilizes a Visioning Process that enables our clients  to discover what they are passionate about and enrolls their entire team in the process.  Here's the link for a free Special Report on the Visioning Process



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