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A Taste of MIP



Connect with what is true for you, shift perspective to see what is good and discover what makes best practices more powerful. Masterful Intentions program allows you to design work and life from a precise point of understanding, clarity of purpose and spiritual self-knowledge.


Connect with a deeper awareness. As business owners and executives, we succeed when inner guidance leads us toward compassionate, thoughtful leadership. Solve current business challenges with Practical Business Applications of Universal Spiritual Principles. Get more consistent and positive outcomes.


Connect with other business owners and leaders in this six month program where well-set intentions make better leaders, better thinkers and more dynamic business decisions.


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Experience a group of People, People dedicated and driven, People from around the country that are committed to making a difference beyond their organization.  Get ready to Participate with other leaders at the forefront of their industry.

Explore! how you can:

  • Create better and more profitable transactions

  • Inspire others to work more productively and with greater inspiration

  • Take your organization to the leading edge of your industry

  • Discover personal assets you never knew you had

  • Adopt spiritual based values in your workplace


Here's what one participant is saying about her current group,

"Verbalizing and sharing my thoughts and intentions has been extremely powerful. This program facilitates a clear focus and inspiration. I see results unfolding around me in ways I may have otherwise missed." ~Lynn B.










Thursday September 6th 8:30 AM PT ~ 11:30 AM ET 










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