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About us

The Inspired Business Center has evolved from Inspired Potential Coaching to become one of the few consulting firms in the country that trains Entrepreneurs and Executives how to integrate spirituality into the daily operations of a business. Our approach is leadership focused, purpose oriented and spiritually directed.  We help clients realize their organization’s long range vision, achieve key financial objectives and build a legacy. 

The Inspired Business Center’s client list ranges from Fortune 500 companies to Small Business and covers a wide range of industries, including printing, manufacturing, real estate, health care, communications and finance, information technology, construction, and national service chains.
Clients have reported these Results:
•    Dramatic Increases in Revenue and Profitability
•    A Clear Focus, Mission and Vision for their company
•    Alignment of Personal Values with Organizational Purpose
•    Empowered Leaders who Integrate Head and Heart
•    A Balance between Work, Family and Personal needs
•    Exit Strategies that enhance Owner Equity and Preserve the Legacy
•    Clear sense of Meaning and Purpose
•    Business Processes and Systems that are Practical and Achievable
•    Understand the Key Strengths of everyone in the organization
•    Enhance Engagement at every level

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Watch this Short Video to Learn more about the Principles of An Inspired Business. 


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