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As you look at growth projections for your business, you probably calculate a percentage increase based on past experience. But what if anything were possible? What if your growth was not limited to a small percentage of last year's numbers?

We all have a comfort range of what we think is possible, and fluctuate between the high and low of that range. So you need to think beyond what is "comfortable" when you envision your growth potential. Scientists tell us that we can only observe or measure 5 percent of the universe. What about that other 95 percent? Can you tap into that for increasing success in your business and personal ventures?

The answer is YES! And it begins with having a clear vision of the purpose and passion behind why you created your business or career! Deepak Chopra, in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success says each of us is "limitless possibility and immeasurable potential".

So how do you tap into that potential? The truth is, it's an "inside" job. If you look to outside indicators of what you can and cannot achieve, you will always be limited and there will always be a competitor who is better, or a customer who doubts your ability to deliver.

So you change the outcome by changing how you think, and by maintaining focus on your vision.

Here are some suggestions:

As you continue to raise the bar on your comfort level and what you


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