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What are you doing to ensure that you deliver consistent results? 

Michael Gerber, author of E Myth Mastery, gives us one answer, Lance Secretan, author of Reclaiming Higher Ground and several other leadership books, gives us another view. And they’re both right!

Gerber says “What customers care about is whether you manage to consistently provide them with a quality product that meets their needs, whether you’re able to get that product into their hands quickly, reliably and at an attractive price, and whether your customer services processes are helpful and efficient.” 

Secretan, recently quoted in Worthwhile Magazine, “The world would be a better place if we loved each other and told the truth” One talks about business processes, the other talks about the intention behind the processes. 

On the business side, it’s important to analyze and refine product quality, delivery systems and customer follow up.  If you have not already done so, identify some key indicators that apply to your organization and create a baseline.  How many times do you currently have to redo a job? And what does it cost you?  How often do you miss delivery deadlines?  What are customers complaining about? 

Based on this information, you can create remedies and monitor your progress daily, weekly, monthly.   It also gives your management team a focus for their departments. 

Now, let’s look at the intention.   The intention is to fulfill your vision and operate by your values.  What might that look like?  For example: delivering quality products, on time and at a fair price because it’s the way YOU do business, with love and caring. Truly listening to your customers and recreating your products to meet their needs out of respect and fixing problems with understanding and commitment to satisfaction and excellence.  

Inspire your employees with recognition and praise and delegate more responsibility to them with the expectation that they really do want to do their best for you and for your customers. Secretan says “I define leadership as a serving relationship with others that inspires their growth and makes the world a better place.” 

One way to learn about how you’re doing before it shows up in lost customers or decreased revenues is to ASK!   Conduct focus groups with customers and ask them such questions as:

 Gerber sums it up this way:  “Evaluating your client fulfillment process tells you if what your customers want and what you consistently deliver are one and the same.”

Suggested Action Steps: 

1.  Analyze your production, delivery and customer services processes and establish baselines and key indicators. 

2.  Monitor the key indicators at least monthly and work with your managers to interpret the results and implement remedies.

3.  Establish an employee recognition/incentive program to reward improvements and successes.

4.  Conduct client focus groups and provide the participants with a summary of your findings and the strategies you are implementing based on what you learned.


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