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What if you already had the answer to your most difficult business challenge, but you couldn't find it because you were looking in the wrong place?

Often we defer to the external world for our wisdom and clarity, when all we had to do was be "Conscious"!  What I mean by conscious is to access that inner knowing through solitude, reflection, and contemplation.

Patricia Aburdene, in her new book Megatrends 2010, identifies one of the next megatrends as Conscious Solutions.  She defines consciousness as "presence or alertness...awareness...observing without attachment." She adds, "There can be no invention in business or technology without human consciousness."

I put it this way,  if you want to think outside the box, you have to start inside your consciousness!   Who knew that instead of hurrying through your day, driving in rush hour to your next appointment while checking your emails on your Palm as you talk on your Blue tooth,  you could be even more effective taking 20 minutes to sit in solitude and clear your mind so new ideas and creativity had some room to flourish!

I'm certainly not discounting learning from other successful business people or searching the media for new trends.  But it's just more data overload unless you take the time to still  your mind, so your imagination can use that information to spark a new solution to your business challenge.

And even better news...the tools you need to practice inspiration and mindfulness  are virtually free, completely wireless and available 24-7!   I'm talking about meditation, journaling, deep breathing and spiritual reflection. 

Here are some action steps:

1.  Set aside time daily to meditate and reflect.

2.  Keep a journal handy for writing down ideas, thoughts, and insights.

3.  Have a place in or near your office and in your home where you can have some peace and quiet.  If possible get out in nature.

4. Take a few deep breaths to center your thoughts before beginning a project, starting a meeting or writing a proposal.

5.  Encourage all your employees to establish a reflective practice that is meaningful to them.  

6.  Be open to the new insights and discoveries that spring from being "conscious".  Innovation comes from within!


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