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Dear One,

       The Visioning Process is unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced. This powerful combination of Universal Spiritual Principles allows you to see into the future and return with insights and ideas that can propel your business to the next level. Allowing the Visioning Process to lead and guide the groups and project vital to your success can provide great results. Now there is an easy and efficient way to determine if the Visioning Process can serve your business. Join us for a special interactive two hour seminar and expereince the Power of Visioning for yourself. 

Ask Yourself: Is Your Business....


* Ready to step up and fulfill its Mission?

* Excited to begin a new chapter of prosperity?

* Focused on what works well in your organization and do you want more of the same?

* Wondering "What's next?" 


YES..? Then you'll love this process.


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March 9th 9:00 am MT
The Inspired Business Center
215 S. Wadsorth, Suite 530
Lakewood CO. 80226
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We are the place Where Spirituality, Leadership and Profitability Meet.



Would you like to experience…



* Knowing more about how your future success may look?

* An easy way of discerning which strategies will serve you best? 

* A simple form of group building that really works?

* Insights about the Future of your Organization? 

* A way of KNOWING…What’s Next?

* A greater sense of leadership? 

* More profitability?


Call NOW to reserve your space. 

(303) 456-0388

and we'll send you a registration confirmation. 





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