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There are many ways to express gratitude.  We all tend to do the polite “thank you” in the moment for small things for someone opening our door, or handing us correct change. Often it’s pretty unconscious and more of a reflex than a genuine appreciation.

During the Holidays, we may be more aware of our larger blessings when we gather with friends and family for a traditional meal, give and receive gifts.  We are reminded of the amazing opportunities ahead of us, business successes we’ve achieved, or a hardship that’s been overcome.

Today I’m going to challenge us to stretch ourselves to expressing gratitude for things that haven’t yet happened, to be thankful for what we expect.  What do I mean by that?  We go into work each day “expecting” revenue and profits, we create our strategic plans with the idea that our business will grow, we’ll find the right people and the perfect customers.

We can get even more specific by setting an intention which I define as an internal statement of what you are committed to creating for your life, or your business.  It describes the essence of what you want in terms that your subconscious will recognize and attract to you. When we are clear and focused about what we intend to have happen, we engage our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical resources behind it. To make it even more impactful, we often state our intentions to others to gain their support.

The next step is to be grateful that those wonderful things are already on their way.  Now here’s where faith comes in.  We have our full belief behind it and know beyond a doubt that what we expect will happen. (The opposite of this is to worry, to doubt and to implement pans B and C “just in case”.)  Think about a recent business success.  What attitude did you have when launching the venture?  How did you align your resources? What outcome did you intend? How did you stay on purpose and on track?

We have a choice.  We can begin to think and act as if the intention is already a reality.  We gather evidence that the good is flowing to us and, in doing so, continue to attract even more good.  When we’re intentional and open to new ideas, we see opportunities that were already there but we hadn’t noticed and experience blessings coming from directions we haven’t been aware of. 

Once you state your intention, believe, have faith and express gratitude, let it go! You don’t need to send outlook reminders to the Universe or request status updates. As Robert Lewis Stevenson put it, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”

By being grateful, faithful and expectant, you’ll be more ready to receive the good when it appears.  It’s a cycle.  The Spiritual Principle of Circulation states that what you put out or give into the Universe returns to you many times over.  Accept the delivery! We receive the gifts, give thanks for them, create a new intention and so the circle continues.


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