My hopes when beginning my work with Marla were to become clearer and more focused on what I wanted to do with my life.  At a time when I was in the midst of unexpected whirlwind change mixed with fear, Marla guided me towards my dreams, and now I am living my dreams.

With Marla's caching, I have gone from being single and jobless, to being seriously motivated, married and a successful entrepreneur!  The tangibles are the obvious result of having a job I love, a relationship that exceeds my expectations and a renewed view of the world.  The intangible results are the personal tools that I use consistently and all the confidence, emotion and understanding that go along with living the life you truly want.

Marla was a vital part of the process of personal and professional growth. She created a space for me to do my own work.  Marla is a greatsupport, coach and resource, and it’s up to each of us to use theknowledge and wisdom that she so generously shares. Be open to newideas, new tools, new ways of thinking and new results!

Using a variety of tools and exercises Marla facilitated andencouraged a creative, holistic, and realistic plan for my futurethat I am growing into. Sometimes the right people come into yourlife at just the right time.