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I grew up in NE Colorado.  In those days, when you turned 16, your parents just took you out on a country road and let you drive.  On my first excursion, my dad, mom and little sister were all in the car.  As I turned the corner my dad said “Let go of the wheel.”  I thought that was a silly idea, so I hung on and we ended up in the ditch!

It was a good lesson for learning to let go of the steering wheel and of specific outcomes in other areas of life.  When you’ve set your intention or vision, you put it in motion and then let the Divine Guidance correct the course.  As you focus on the intention, opportunities, and synchronicities start to occur.  These may take you in slightly different directions, yet still ultimately lead to the vision. 

Likewise, when you’re headed in the right direction, don’t “over steer”.  That could look like being uncertain, doubting that you will succeed or being swayed by the opinions of others.  Stay the course to your dreams.

As in life, business intentions can hit detours and road blocks.  Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up.  These detours may lead you into new markets, give you the chance to form amazing collaborations or get you out of the rut of doing the same things the same way you’ve always done it. 

One major roadblock can be setting very specific expectations for the outcome. We can’t control the markets, the behaviors of our employees or the buying decisions of our customers.  It’s best to hold the essence and purpose of the intention and know that it can manifest in many ways. 

Buddhist author Lama Surya Das writes, “Our overweening attachments are said to be the cause or our suffering.  Because we are focused on our attachments, we fail to pay attention to the truth of the present moment; we fail to follow our deeper values.”

Finally, the timetables can also be altered.  Have you ever taken a trip where there weren’t “unexpected delays” somewhere along the road?  You didn’t just turn around and go home, you found creative ways to get back on schedule or just trust that you would end up at your destination just in time!  Relax, let go, and enjoy the journey!


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