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What does "profit" mean to you?  How will your business or life be different when you experience "profit"?  Often we think we can't have it right's something for someday  in the future when we have "enough".

Is it possible to experience financial freedom, emotional fulfillment, peace of mind, and spiritual connection right here and right now?  Absolutely!  

First, you change your thoughts.  You may currently believe that you need to "Have" the right thing (better employees, more customers a new location,) in order to "Do" something (make more sales calls, deliver more product, build a profitable company), in order to "Be" happy, serene, successful, fulfilled.  This process goes from the external world of results and outcomes to the inner world of thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

I'm suggesting "reverse" thinking.  We have to first "Be" the qualities we desire in our hearts and minds  (successful, financially secure, emotionally fulfilled) in order to "Do" the things that are in alignment with that way of thinking and feeling which will result in the "Having" of the external results.  You might want to read that paragraph again!

Here's how:  First capture the essence of what success, or peace of mind, or prosperity, or happiness means to you.  How does it make you feel?  What values does it represent?  How would your life be different? What thoughts come to mind when you say the word?   So, for instance, if success to you means being prosperous, then start right now where you are and declare that "I am prosperous". Really see, hear and feel yourself as a prosperous and successful business person.  Finally, express gratitude for all the areas in your life where you are already successful or prosperous.

The more you think it and feel it and believe it, the more you begin to act like a successful and prosperous person.  You speak more confidently, you make decisions as an already prosperous person, and you look for opportunities to be even more successful.

You'll begin to attract clients, ideas, and resources, employees that bring you the results you define as success: the cash in the bank, the commercial real estate, the market share etc.

Here's a prime example.  One of my clients was in a growth mode, and finding the right workers was a problem. In fact, she was short of qualified workers.  She and her management team began to change their thinking about their company.   They called all the employees together and jointly created  vision and values statements about their purpose for being in business and how they wanted to treat each other and their customers. They focused on why  someone would want to work for them or be a customer. Shortly thereafter, three new employees with the necessary skills and background walked in the door looking for a job (and she hadn't even run an ad).  She also has sales in the first quarter that are at nearly 40 percent of the annual goal!

So where in your business or personal life are you thinking backwards?  Where are you finding "struggle" and "effort" and lacking the results you want?  Shift the thinking and the underlying beliefs and shift the outcomes!


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