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Imagine your're planning a family-driving trip to the mountains.  You pack, load everyone in the car and you set off with one tank of gas.  When the gas runs out, you have a load of frustrated family members, you don't know wheter to borrow money for another tank of gas to go forward on your journey or head back hone in disappointment.

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?   But, if you are not operating your business with a clear vision, this scenario isn’t far off.  If you started your organization with one good idea, hired employees, built a customer base and then, when you are in the growth phase, you don’t have a clear sense of direction you could find your organization running “out of gas”.

 An organizational vision statement is Principle One in Inspired Potential Coaching’s Model for Building Your Company to Support Your Life.

A focused vision and purpose can ignite the fires of creativity, determination and passion that get you jumping out of bed in the morning, excited about your day!  It keeps you going forward on those days when you wonder why you ever thought owning your own business was a good idea!

In their book Business Evolves, Leadership Endures, the authors state “Vision transcends strategy – it is a sixth sense, the awareness of what will exist prior to it actually existing, the ability to see around the corners.”

A company vision is the highest purpose for existing.  What does your organization offer to make life easier, more meaningful, or prosperous for your customers or clients? What void or gap are you filling that really makes a difference?

A defined vision also helps you build consensus.  Your managers and employees can begin to build for the long-range future of the organization by having a common target to work toward.  As a leader of your company, your role is to inspire others to share that vision.

Organizational vision is also important in retaining employees.  In their book, Impending Crisis, Too Many Jobs, Too Few People, authors Roger Herman, Thomas Olivo and Joyce Gioia tell us that the top two strategies for attracting and retaining good employees are: creating and Instilling core values for the organization and taking advantage of vision and planning.

If you agree it’s time to reclaim your business vision I suggest:

   1. Take time away from the office with your key managers and ask the “big” questions:

Why are we in business?  What is the highest purpose for our existence?  What Values do we operate from?

   2. Create a vision statement and communicate it clearly to your employees.
   3. Review your strategic plans, business plans, and marketing plans and ask: Are these consistent with our vision and purpose?


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