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The 4 Pillars of Spiritual Entrepreneurship



Spiritual Principles are not just an optional add on for your business...they are at the foundation of long-lasting success and sustainability of your enterprise. Regardless of the size, scope or influence of your business it follows the cycle of conception, birth, growth, maturity, longevity and eventual death. There is no escaping the journey and yet you can bring a sense of ease and grace to the journey when spiritual principles, beliefs and ways of being are at the core.  

Some businesses burn out as quickly as they are born. Others have the longevity of decades and even centuries. Studies show the businesses that survive the longest have incorporated the aspects of spirituality regardless of the labels, or names they use for those principles. 

Over the next 8 weeks, my colleague, Robert Brzezinski, will be posting blogs on our website of what The Inspired Business Center considers the Four Pillars of Spiritual Entrepreneurship. Robert is a Spiritual Evolutionist and founder of a Spiritual Social Media firm Higher Power Online.  I'm confident you'll find pearls of wisdom that will help you to truly know yourself, your business, and the key spiritual concepts that weave through it all.       

The 4 Pillars of Spiritual Entrepreneurship series is designed to discuss ways these principles apply to your business with practical steps you can take to incorporate them into your organization's operations model.  We'll include recognizing those values that define your character, engaging in richer levels of communication with stakeholders and maintaining your focus on more than the numbers. 

We begin with the pillar of Beliefs and Character, two distinct yet complimentary principles. Beliefs are the building blocks of your life, forming the basis of your outlook and helping to establish your internal map of reality. Although you might adjust your beliefs based upon current events and ever- changing aspects of the economy, ultimately, your beliefs help form your character and purpose and how you and your organization show up in the world. In short, Character defines how you act and what you can be accountable for.

The second pillar is Vision and Adaptability. Your ability in recent months to adapt your business model and operation to meet the demands of a new marketplace has been most effective when those decisions are in alignment with your Vision. Vision is often seen in the light of Mission, Vision and Purpose statements, yet the concept of Vision and Adaptability goes much deeper. Adaptability is often seen as the "Do whatever it takes" mentality and yet I believe Adaptability actually speaks to the ability to embrace change and use that change to further the Vision.

The third pillar is Passion and Skills.  Over the past twenty years, I have worked with many entrepreneurs who birthed their enterprise because they had passion for what they do, but got worn down by the day to day demands of meeting payroll, managing people and making sales calls. The skills I'm speaking about here come either by learning the business side of the operation or having the courage and foresight to hire employees or contract for those talents that you lack or that drain your energy and creativity.  The key here is to focus on what you love, what brings you joy and what you do best and hire the rest! (It's like the airline safety warning, put your own oxygen on first before you help others.)

The fourth pillar is Faith and Focus. It has been said that "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen". In business, having faith may involve risking money and energy on a new product, hiring and building infrastructure for the expansion that you believe is coming, or simply the commitment and determination to do what you do one more day at a time. With faith comes the Focus to keep your eye on the vision and purpose and all the small steps that pave the path to make the dream a reality. The pillar of Faith and Focus helps to reframe your thinking and open your business to an entirely new avenue of attracting ideal customers, loyal and competent employees and ultimately new streams of revenue. 

The 4 Pillars of Spiritual Entrepreneurship is not a quick fix approach to "doing" business. A sound spiritual foundation for your business shapes every aspect: your perspective, perception and finally your results. It is a learned approach to "being" a spiritual business using ageless principles to prosper your business today.


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