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The Alchemy of Intention and Collaboration


An intention is an internal statement of what you are committed to creating for your life, including your business.  It describes the essence of what you want in terms that your subconscious will recognize and attract to you. 

Collaboration is the willingness to look beyond competition and scarcity in order to freely work with others inside and outside an organization for the greater good of all concerned.

I’ve written about the power of intention in previous newsletters, but today, I’m going to talk about how it has actually transformed my business.   Two years ago I created an intention to develop a collaborative partnership for my work in spirituality and business.  I felt my associate Robert and I needed to move The Inspired Business Center to the next level, but we were as far as we could go on our own.

A few months later I saw an announcement of a new book by Author Tom Zender, God Goes to Work: New Thought Paths to Prosperity and Profits and felt there was natural symmetry and synchronicity with his work and ours. I set another intention to contact Tom to talk about his work and the research behind his book.  I was just hoping to meet him.

 Answers come in mysterious ways.

We shared a few conference calls and sure enough, Tom shared our vision for bringing Spirituality into Business.  We began to collaborate and over several months developed our web-based teleseminar, the Masterful Intentions Program.  (MIP)

Not only have I realized my business intention, but I can see firsthand the magic of collaboration in enhancing and expanding the results!  Our Masterful Intentions Program has taken off and we’re now attracting international participants.  It is a prime example of what happens when you combine intention, with peer group collaboration all in partnership with the Divine.

How does it work? Think about the biggest challenge you or your business is facing right now. Perhaps this challenge centers on revenue, or employee retention, or even expanding your market share.

Now imagine how much more quickly you will accomplish your intentions to solving those challenges with the support of a committed and talented group of business peers.

In a 6 month pilot with a group of CEO’s we learned that it can be lonely at the top of any organization – of any size. We learned that business owners and managers have many of the same concerns and challenges but feel like they are the only ones who are dealing with them.

We learned that by working in small peer groups of up to eight people our participants are able to support each other and create a synergy that they could not have created alone.

We discovered that using the formal mastermind process creates powerful results for business and life.  The Mastermind Process has been around since the time of the industrial giants, and it has been successful for them. It combines the talents and positive focus of all the members into an energy that is larger than the sum of its parts.

We heard one participant share how he was on the verge of losing his business, and then eliminated almost 50 thousand dollars of debt, and how he expected to be completely debt free within a few weeks. (and his company is now completely debt free)

 We witnessed another participant go through several personal and business challenges, yet ended her MIP  experience confident and feeling renewed in her commitment to creating a more profitable company. “It was a safe place where I received open support and honesty without criticism or judgment."

 And underlying all that is the concept that we’re always in partnership with The Divine!  How powerful that can be when we acknowledge it by declaring our intentions and purpose.  Said another group member, “I plan to bring more spirituality into my business.  I've never had a group experience as rich as this before."

Consider creating a mastermind group for yourself, or join us for the proven richness of our Masterful Intention Program.

MIP brings together a small group of individuals that would all like to see progress, growth and more profitability in their business or organization. I am confident that you will want to be part of this powerful process.

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