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Are you living your life and leading your company to be in a position to thrive during challenging times, or merely to survive? 


In his book, Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth talks about the difference between saving for a "rainy day" and having extra cash for an investment prospect.  One approach suggests gloom and doom and perhaps something to be feared.  The other approach suggests that there are opportunities in every situation if we have contingency plans and are prepared to be flexible and respond to new variables.


I like the analogy of a Duck and a Lake.  The Duck appears calm and beautiful floating on the surface while underneath the water she is paddling as fast as she can!  In our personal life, if we're off center and going through our day just "reacting", we may appear to others as if we have it all together, but inside we're a mess!


Likewise in our business, if we aren't looking ahead and preparing ourselves to take advantage of new possibilities, we'll sink in time's of challenge such as a market shift, or a competitor with better technology.


On the other extreme, we have a Lake,  At the depths of the lake it is calm and serene, no matter what is happening on the surface.  In life, if we are emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically  and mentally centered, life's day to day issues won't throw us and those around us into turmoil. 


In business we can be watching the outside world for signs of change that might alter the way we operate now, and have contingency plans that will not only keep us afloat, but will give us the advantage of being able to profit from uncertainty.  Real money is made during times of apparent chaos.


Dr. Roch Parayre of the Wharton School and Decision Strategies International recently spoke to a group of Denver business leaders about scenario planning for possible external factors that could affect their business.  He cited several characteristics of organizations who are able to thrive; including shared organizational values that guide action,  awareness of what is going on at the periphery of the industry, and a willingness to experiment in new product or service areas.


So, I ask you:  Are your life and your business like Ducks or Lakes?


Suggested Action Steps:


In your personal life, take inventory of how well you are remaining centered during the day.  Do you have time for reflection?  Do you take care of yourself physically?  Do you have recreation and family time to keep you mentally balanced?  Begin one step forward in an area that you want to change.


In your business, gather your managers together and begin a conversation of how you can thrive in times of uncertainty.  How will you monitor the signs of an important shift in direction?  Are your systems and processes flexible enough to adapt quickly to new customer needs?  Do you have a values statement that is articulated and shared by all the stakeholders?



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