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LAKEWOOD, CO -- In economic theory, the ripple effectis when an individual’s reduction in spending reduces the incomes of others andtheir ability to spend. Economists say the economy will always be to us aboutwhat we make it, what we expect it to be. So, to change your reality, you have to change your thinking. In fact,prosperity is a worldview -- a way of viewing your business and yourmarketplace.

When you begin to change your thinking from lack toabundance, from thoughts of fear to thoughts of possibility and prosperity,imagine the positive ripples you could cause and the effects you could have foryour profitability, your customers your employees and even your own family! 
Begin to plan for expansion, expect your revenues to increase, continue toprovide service and value, and approach the marketplace with creative andinnovative solutions.

Begin to change the energy, attitude and culture by leadingfrom strength, courage and optimism. You can always find evidence to back upyour position…you can find examples of loss and failure all around you or, instead, you can belooking the good, for signs of recovery, glimmers of hope and reasons toanticipate abundance!

Author Eric Butterworth states, “Your prosperity will alwaysbe a reflection of your consciousness, the degree to which your thoughts arecentered in the Dovineflow.” He adds, “Security is more psychological than financial.”

As a leader in your business or profession, you probablyplay many roles: sales, finance, HR, production. You also set the vision anddirection of your company. 

Be the change you want to see, by tossing thestone that causes the ripple of abundance for your organization, yourcustomers, your employees, your community and your world.

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Take some time andreview these thoughts for you and your business:

Awareness – Are the predominant thoughts I’m projecting fear andreaction or faith and pro-action?

Conversations – Do I talk about how awful things are, or do I strategizeabout how to approach the new marketplace looking for opportunities andinnovation?

Leadership – What example am I setting for those I lead? Is the toneof my communication optimistic?

Management – Am I leading my team to make business decisions based onthe facts or fears? Are we finding ways to be innovative, proactive andstrategic?

PersonalThoughts – What’s keeping me up at night? Am Ibringing that into my workplace and projecting it on others?

Barbara Marx Hubbard put it this way: “We work from withinourselves toward higher consciousness, greater freedom and more complex orderto effect a change in the world, first and foremost though our personalevolution.”

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