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Thanks to the new book "The Secret" and the corresponding DVD, for creating the  wide spread awareness of  the age old spiritual principal, The Law Of Attraction.  Whatever you think about the DVD, it has served a wonderful purpose in getting more people interested in learning more.  In the next 3 newsletters, we're going to explore how to apply principles outlined in The Secret to your business or profession. Today we'll be discussing the concept of attitude and the importance of gratitude in manifesting abundance and prosperity in your work. 

The first step is to look at your attitude and the role of positive and negative thought.   When you begin to pay attention to the results you are producing, you can trace it back to the predominant attitude you have when approaching your business and it's challenges and opportunities.  All too often we're not focusing on the positive or the possibilities, but the emphasis is on WHAT WE DON'T WANT.

I recently had the opportunity to be a judge in a small business awards series.  The finalists were selected and the team of judges visited the top 3 finalists' company.  After speaking with the CEO and other organizational leaders, we met with one of the employees.  In each case, my question was "What does your company value"?  In every instance, what I heard was not actually what the company valued, but what the CEO or owner was stressing and obsessing about.  "We need more positive cash flow." "We're worried about sales revenues!"  "We can't seem to find employees who perform."  In other words, the underlying message was a preoccupation with what was lacking or missing.

If your thoughts are centered on not finding qualified employees, you'll continue to attract unqualified employees.  If you are worried about lagging sales, you'll get, _________that's right...more lagging sales.  THE KEY IS WE GET WHAT WE FOCUS ON.  The Universe doesn't operate in terms of what's positive or what's negative or what's good for us or what isn't.  The Universe is neutral and operates by giving you what you are focused on.

So the first step is to pay serious attention to where the majority of your thoughts are directed and notice you are getting corresponding results!

The good news is that at any moment in time, you can choose to change your thinking and change your results!!!!!   And even better news: directed, positive thoughts carry more "clout" than negative ones.

Consciously begin to change your thinking to WHAT YOU DO WANT, THE POSITIVE OUTCOME, THE DESIRED RESULT.  At the same time change your speaking about it, revise the wording of your goals, and encourage all those around you, who contribute to your business success, to begin to change their thinking to the affirmative achievements.

The second aspect is to be grateful for all the good that you do have.  Be thankful for the clients who already buy from you and know that you are "expanding your wonderful client base".  Be thankful for your energetic and well trained sales team and declare that "each day your sales are increasing".  Celebrate each step along the way.   Remember any journey begins where you are now!


1.  Look at the areas of your business where you are not meeting the desired outcome and take a very honest inventory of your thoughts, comments, and actions and determine if they are affirming and reinforcing what you do want or what you don't. 

2.  Create positive affirmations that are in the present tense, with action verbs as if the desired result is already occurring.    For example: "Our sales soar to all time highs!"  or "The perfect candidates are available and applying for every position!"

3.  Meet with your team and encourage them to shift their thinking and their comments to the positive, desired outcome.

4.  Keep a gratitude journal and each day list at least three things you are thankful for.  Mention what you are grateful for in company memos, staff meetings, and management conferences. 

5.  Be patient with yourself.  This is probably a very new way of thinking and it will take diligence and powerful intention to keep declaring WHAT YOU DO WANT!


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