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Change your thinking and change your results!  That's the good news from The Secret.  Last issue we talked about the concept of Attitude and the importance of Gratitude.

This month we're looking at the power of Beliefs, what happens when you Ask the Universe for what you want and how to be open to Receive the good you asked for!

Have you ever marveled at a business or professional colleague who succeeded against all odds because they didn't know it was supposed to be difficult and impossible?  They simply believed they could do it and they did it!

Old beliefs are stored in our subconscious and we very seldom stop to look at them.  Old beliefs may have come from past experiences, what you've been told by others, or your industry's thinking on what's possible.  But are they relevant to what you want to accomplish today?  Making business decisions from old beliefs is like running DOS software on our Windows XP!  Time to Upgrade!

How do you begin to change limiting beliefs?  Notice the results you are achieving and inquire: "What do I believe about this?"  If the belief is negative, limiting and counterproductive, reprogram it!  Consciously declare a new "truth" for yourself that is positive, affirmative and in the present tense.

Then begin to change your focus to what you do want for your business or your life.  As you change your focus, you will begin to see new possibilities and  opportunities that were always there, but you weren't looking for them!  A good example:  You buy a new red car.  All of a sudden, you notice all the other red cars of the same model as you drive down the road or look around the parking lot.  Were there more red cars today than the day before?  No, you just weren't aware.

Once you have established new beliefs, you ask the Universe for what you want for your company (or your life).  It's important to state the "essence" of the outcome, such as, increased profits, innovation to meet market demands, the right people to do the job. The essence is what you concentrate on because there are many avenues for achieving the desired outcome.

Then make decisions and act as if the good were already delivered, and you will begin to attract the results.  Continue to hold on to the positive belief, even if things don't "look" better right away. 

The Universe will determine the specifics of how it will all happen and when.  It may take the form of an unexpected sales opportunity, a powerful idea that comes to you as you drive down the road, or an introduction to the person at a meeting that can provide the resource you've been missing.

At that point, you need to be open to receive what you asked for!  As crazy as it sounds, sometimes we get so addicted to the struggle, we don't notice things have turned around and that it was easy and effortless.  We continue to struggle and effort because, you guessed it, we "believe" it has to be hard!

Suggested Action Steps:

1.  Ask yourself and ask your management team: "Where are we limiting our business success by holding outdated beliefs of what's possible?"

2.  Look at where things are flowing in your business and what seems stuck.  Think about what you believe about the aspects that are flowing, and what you believe about the areas that are stuck.  Could be very revealing!

3.  Make a list of things you'd like to ask for.  Then ask!  Notice any resistance you have to asking for help, from others or from the Universe.

4.  Think about the last time you received a gift.  Were you genuinely open to receiving it and just said thank you?  Did you resist the gift in some way, or feel like you now owe something back to the person who gave it to you?


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