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The Ripple Effect of Prosperous Thinking


by: Rev. Marla Riegel

In economic theory, the ripple effect is when an individual's reduction in spending reduces the incomes of others and their ability to spend. You've certainly seen that effect played out on a world scale in recent months. Fear and negativity can continue to bring a downturn in your business, even when the economic indicators are heading up.

It's difficult to realize that by continuing a pattern of doubt, worry and cutbacks, you're causing a result you don't want...lack and limitation! What are you experiencing right now? Do you notice that those things you worry about tend to come true? And how is that rippling out from your Consciousness to your employees, your customers, your prospects and your bottomline?

Wouldn't it be great to calm the waters of your thoughts, to go underneath the surface where things are always calmer. Have you taken that time in the midst of chaos to go within and really look at what you are projecting? Is it time to reverse the ripples you've been sending out?

When you begin to change your thinking from lack to abundance, from thoughts of fear to thoughts of possibility and prosperity, imagine the positive ripples you would cause and the effects you could have for your profitability, your customers your employees and even your own family!

You can affect many outcomes with a decision to take a positive approach. Begin to plan for expansion, expect your revenues to increase, continue to provide service and value, and approach the marketplace with creative and innovative solutions.

Where you are in Consciousness has everything to do with what you are experiencing in your business.

What about the pond of your own organization. Can you begin to change the energy, attitude and culture by leading from strength, courage and optimism? You can always find evidence to back up your can find examples of loss and failure all around you for, instead, you can be looking the good, for signs of recovery, glimmers of hope and reasons to anticipate abundance!

Your external reality reflects your internal Consciousness. So, to change your reality, you have to change your thinking. In fact, prosperity is a world view, a way of viewing your business and your marketplace. Economists say the economy will always be to us about what we make it, what we expect it to be.

Author Eric Butterworth states, "Your prosperity will always be a reflection of your consciousness, the degree to which your thoughts are centered in the divine flow." He adds,"Security is more psychological than financial."

Butterworth continues, "You do not cause economic conditions, but you give them reality by you rnegative thoughts or conversations about them, you become synchronized with an energy flow which has as swift an influence on your life as the light that bathes the room when you throw the switch."

As a leader in your business or profession, you probably play many roles: sales, finance, HR, production. You also set the vision and directionof your company. What can you do right now to start a new, more positive ripple? Be the change you want to see, by tossing the stone that causes the ripple of abundance for your organization, your customers, your employees, your community and your world.


Take time away from the office to be reflective and ask yourself:

Awareness - What are the predominant thoughts am I projecting? Are they of fear and reaction or faith and pro-action?

Conversations - do I sit down with my management team, employees, vendors and even customers and talk about how awful it is, or are we strategizing about how to approach the new marketplace? Do I engage in conversations about the negative, or do I turn the conversation around and look for opportunities and innovation?

Leadership - what example am I setting for those I lead? (both professionally and personally) What is the tone of my communication, the direction I'm taking? Who's actually following me and who is looking for another job where things are more optimistic and more fun?

Management - Am I and my team making business decisions from the facts or the fears? Are we finding ways to be innovative, proactive and strategic, or are we hiding and waiting till someone else captures our market, wins the bid, or launches a new solution we thought was too risky to try?

Personal Thoughts - What's keeping me up at night? Am I bringing that into my workplace and projecting it on others? Who could I enroll to help me resolve this issue? What are the possibilities we could explore? What's the end result I want and what other roads would lead there?

Barbara Marx Hubbard put it this way: "We work from within ourselves toward higher consciousness, greater freedom and more complex order to effect a change in the world, first and foremost though our personal evolution."


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