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Vacation or Vacant Stare


Vacation or Vacant Stare? 

Are you finding there's always something left to do on your "to do" list?  So when can you take a vacation?  Now's the time of year when you're either enjoying, or planning some time off, or you're envying those who do.   You may avoid taking time off, because you're not sure what you'll find when you get back.  Maybe you can't recognize the benefits of balance, quiet, and relaxation for the rejuvenation that will ultimately make you more productive.

Several years ago, my eye doctor gave me two sobering diagnoses: The first that my near-sightedness had gotten so bad I was going to need to wear glasses over my contacts.  But the second piece of information was the most revealing:  there was nothing medically or physically wrong with my eyes!  I had just trained them not to look out as far as I needed to truly see long distance objects clearly.  

Where in your business planning are you being "near sighted"?  Thoreau said "Look beyond what seems to be to expand your awareness of the possible."  The question is not what indicators you look at but what you see! 

Are you operating your business so that it's success relies solely upon you?  Where are you not delegating?  Do you believe "I'm the only one who can get it right so I'd better it do it myself?"  Havelock Ellis said "The art of living is a fine mingling of letting go and hanging on"   Where could you begin to develop your staff to handle more responsibility? Have you made your expectations and priorities so clear that others will know what to do when you're not there?

Begin to trust that by taking care of yourself, you are ultimately going to be more valuable to your employees, customers and vendors.

Vacations can take many forms, from luxury cruises to a minute of quiet reflection.  I have a client Nancy Crego who intentionally set up her AdWest Consulting practice around her lifestyle.  She works from her home in the mountains and schedules her day around time outdoors, exercise classes, and 12 weeks off per year.  She not only exudes health and positive energy, but her business is thriving and she has time to serve on several non-profit boards.

So what's possible for you?   Einstein said "Out of clutter find simplicity, from discord, find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

If you can't possibly find the time or the resources to leave the office, then take a Vacation of the Mind.  Part of the joy of going to a new place is to see new sights, taste new foods and meet new people.  You can also do that by living in the present moment, right here, right now.  When you can let go of the regrets of the past or the worries of the future, you can live fully in the present moment, (which is really the only moment there is anyway!) 

When your mind is free from the clutter, you can truly listen with an open heart to the person sitting right in front of you, have a new appreciation for the beauty outside your window, and fully live the precious moments with loved ones.


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