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A new movie,  “What The “Bleep” Do We Know?”  sheds light on the role of consciousness, and the power of your thoughts to shape your experience of the world.  Through drama, animation and interviews with scientists, quantum physicists, physicians, theologians and metaphysicians, the film demonstrates how we can transform our thinking and change our life.   Anything is possible.  Our only limitation is between our ears…how we think!

Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

The power of the mind is an awesome thing.  Through your thinking you can heal your body or make yourself sick with stress and worry.   By using your mind creatively and productively you can overcome any obstacle and succeed beyond measure.  Or you can let your fears and doubts stop you dead in your tracks.

So What the "Bleep" Do we Know About Business?

As you reflect on your year-end financials, the goals your organization achieved, your current client base, you see a reflection of your individual and organizational thoughts.

The results you produce in business (or any area of your life) are like a giant mirror, reflecting what you believe about your world and it’s possibilities.   It projects back an exact image of your thoughts and intentions. Thoughts are creative and causative forces that shape your reality.  You create your results through thoughts, attitudes, intentions and beliefs.  By changing your thoughts, you can change your business outcomes.

The subconscious mind collects, stores and organizes data from your environment and past experiences.  From all this information, the subconscious forms beliefs, thoughts and attitudes, which drive your actions. This is true for the owner and for each employee.   Sometimes these beliefs are limiting and outdated for the company you have now.  It’s like trying to operate DOS software on Windows XP!

 We all have a comfort range between “How good do I think I can have it” at the top and “How Low will I sink?” at the bottom. Often our subconscious beliefs act as barriers to our achievements and cause us to sabotage excellent results if those results take us out of that range of comfort.  Generally the reaction is so automatic we don’t even realize it until…you guessed it…we look in the mirror of results!

So how do you turn things around?  By being “Conscious”!  Be aware of the thoughts, attitudes, and old practices that are limiting you and your organization. 

Here are some suggestions:

   1. Be willing to create and Recreate from the limitless possibilities available.  As you plan for the New Year, don’t merely add a percentage to last year’s numbers.  Think outside the box!  Involve your management team in a retreat where you reclaim your vision, open to new ideas and DREAM BIG!!!
   2. Generate a clear intention for what you want to accomplish.  Pay particular attention to the essence of what you intend.  For example, if it’s profitability, what does that mean to you and your organization?  If it’s balance, what will that feel like, look like, mean to you and your family?  Often we achieve the “essence” of the goal, although the actual outcome may look different from what we projected.
   3. Measure what you value, putting the emphasis on looking for the positive!!!  What’s working!?  What evidence do you see that you are on the right track?  Do you truly believe that your intentions will become a reality?  If not, work on the belief.  It’s an “internal” job.  More activity toward a goal you don’t believe possible is spinning your wheels.
   4. Be open to changing what’s not working and looking for new approaches and solutions.  If you feel it’s all effort and struggle that might be a clue to back up, and look for other ways to get where you’re going.  BUT DON’T GIVE UP ON THE DREAM!  Just be open to other pathways!

If you want to Re-Ignite the Passion and Positive Thinking in your organization, set up a coaching session with Marla by calling 303-456-0388.


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