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How are YOU making a difference while you’re making a living?

“Great people, great companies and great brands share a common thread: they are different, better and relevant to their time in some discernable way.  Today’s leadership must combine vision, passion, commitment and a missionary zeal to find new ways to help people make a difference through the products they buy, through the work that they do and ultimately through the lives that they lead.” Jeff Dunn, Former President and COO of Coca-Cola North America

As we think about your business,  take a moment to think about your work as service. Don’t confuse your job title or your business category with the service that you do.

I remember when my father was dying, we were in the emergency room and one nurse named Tim was especially kind to our family and spoke directly to Dad, telling him what was going on, what tests were being performed and bringing a sense of calm.  He wasn’t a “nurse” he was a comforter, and translator of “medical jargon” to a family in trauma. 

I recently ordered Dish Satellite. The installer stayed at our home till 9 p.m. on a Friday night to get everything up and running so we wouldn't be without TV all weekend.  He wasn't a "cable guy" he was an ally and partner in getting our entertainment system set up. 

You’re not just a “realtor”, but someone who connects families with the perfect home.  You’re not just a CEO, but a leader and visionary and provider for all those families of your employees.   

So when you think about your business, how are you serving?  You may have thought of it for marketing purposes, by translating your product into a customer value.  But what is your passion and purpose for being in business?  How do you provide peace of mind, make someone else’s business or life easier, or help someone be more efficient, more successful?

Service is based on the realization that we are all connected to each other and the premise that we are committed to the growth and well being of others.

 Your work should also be an experience of growth and personal expansion.  The poet and mystic Kahlil Gibran said, “If you cannot work with love but only with distaste, then you should quit your job and go sit at the Temple and beg alms from those who work with joy.”   If money were no object, would you continue your business as service? This is a tremendous insight into consciousness. 


 I recommend you take some reflective time to answer the following questions from Reinvention of Work  by Matthew Fox. 

Do I experience joy in my work?

Do others experience joy as a result of my work?

Is my work actively creating good work for others?

When did I first feel drawn to the kind of work I am doing?

Is my work smaller than my soul?

Is my work real work or a job?

How does my work connect to the Great Work of the universe?

How is my work a blessing to generations to come?


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