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Your 360 ° Review on Giving and Receiving
Your 360 ° Review on Giving and Receiving

Thanksgiving is a day we set aside to remember our blessings and to surround ourselves with loved ones. It's also an opportunity to think about those in need in our communities and to begin shopping for Holiday gifts. In January we put away the decorations, pay the credit card bills and forget about all we learned and enjoyed and get on with our lives.

If you have a 360 degree review of your giving and receiving in all areas of your life and business throughout the rest of the year, how would you score?

Where are the areas of your organization that you are damming up the flow of good? Where have you let fear, doubt or lack of attention shut down operations? How would your stakeholders rank you on giving your time, talents and resources to them and receiving support, creative ideas, loyalty, and new customers? How would your family rate your level of attention and care? How would you rank yourself in the level of care and concern you give your own health and well being?

You see, it's a circle. It's not just about what you are giving, but also your willingness to receive and be supported. The Spiritual Principal of Circulation states that what you put out or give into the Universe returns to you many times over. But are you accepting the delivery? Or are you saying, "I don't deserve this, I haven't done enough, my profits aren't large enough. This package of good must be mislabeled. It should go to my competitor!"

The flow of prosperity starts with giving. Whatever you seek more of, give it to others first. If you want more revenue from referral business, go to the next networking event to find someone you can give an introduction to. Listen carefully at your CEO group meeting for how you can give an idea or best practice to another executive trying to grow her company.

If you want larger profit margins, first ensure that you are paying your vendors and suppliers a fair price that will allow them to make a profit as well. If you want more loyalty from employees, sit down at their desk and discover what's going on in their lives and how you can support their dreams and honor their priorities

The circle comes round to the second important component...Receiving. As you give to others, they are, in turn, giving back to you. Are you open to being supported? Are you listening for and willing to act on sage advice? Do you follow up professionally on a referral lead? Do you get back to the person who referred you to thank them and keep them updated on how their generosity benefitted you and your business?

It's important to remember the chain of events, suppliers, mentors, management teams, friends and family who support you and keep your world rotating and advancing toward your goals and vision. You're not in this alone, but your Higher Power can do no more for you than it can do through you.

Many entrepreneurs think they have to be Lone Rangers...never asking for help and viewing mentoring and encouragement as a sign of weakness. It's time to let go of the Survivor Mentality and get your self off that island! Step back into the flow of good and abundance with both feet and make the practice of giving and receiving a daily, conscious habit that is both a heartfelt contribution and a sound business practice!

Remember, Your Business is a gift from the Universe. What you do with it is your gift to the Universe.


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